We love horses


At Hotel Angela we are real horse lovers and this has always being present in the hotel decoration.Restaurant of Hotel Angela - Hotel Angela Fuengirola

After the refurbishment the restaurant has a fresher and more modern look, but despite the changes we wanted the hotel to keep its essence, so because of this now some beautiful horses in metallic colour decorate the new walls. What do you think about them? To us they have the wow factor and we really love the contrast of colours.

As you know we have also been refurbishing the entertainment room as we wanted it to be a much more beautiful and comfortable place for you to enjoy the great shows we offer you. Today it is all about horses so we would love you to “adopt” the horses that have decorated the walls of our entertainment room for years.Posters from the Entertainment Room - Hotel Angela Fuengirola

The posters will be sold for modest price of 5 euros and all money raised will be donated to charity.

If like us you also love horses and you would like to have a “souvenir” from Hotel Angela at home please let us know by emailing us at rrpp@mlhoteles.com

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations

Sohail Castle


Hotel Angela is a legendary hotel with lots of history. The city of Fuengirola also knows lots about history as has one of the biggest historic heritages in Costa del Sol, so for this reason a few weeks ago we recommended you to visit the Fuengirola History Museum but… have you ever visited our castle?Sohail Castle - Hotel Angela Fuengirola

The Fuengirola castle is known as Sohail Castle and the caliph Abderraman III in the 10th Century was the one who ordered its construction. Strategically located up on a hill and beside the mouth of the Fuengirola River its main purpose was being a fortress to control the coast.

This fortress has been destroyed and rebuilt on a few occasions and nowadays is considered as the most important tourist attraction in town.

This is not only an attraction though as it also hosts several events organised by the City Council and concerts during the summer months.

The castle is approximately 2 miles away from Hotel Angela and it is possible to get there walking down the promenade.

If you have not seen it yet make the most of these beautiful spring days to have a nice walk and explore this interesting area of Fuengirola….Because in Fuengirola you can enjoy the sun and our history at the same time!!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations

Open in Winter 2013


On this blog post we would like to inform you that, due to the numerous reservation Hotel Angela - Fuengirolarequests and suggestions from our guests, the Hotel Angela will keep its doors open for you this winter.

We have thought about it a lot before taking this decision to find the way to accommodate your wishes without completely setting aside the second phase of the refurbishment. The refurbishment we had planned for this winter meant that more rooms, a spa and a new area for the staff were going to get built where the tennis court was. Since this areas do not affect the services we have always delivered, we have re-planned and re-organized the work to be able to stay open.

We know that many of you did try to book a room at the Angela for next winter and as we were going to close, you couldn’t. We are sorry for the inconvenience this might have caused you, but now that the hotel will remain open you can book if you wish. For our staff it is also great news to know they will be at the Angela this winter as always and most importantly knowing that this year we will get to spend Christmas with you again, fills us with joy.

We hope to see you at the Angela this winter!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations