Get to know: Paco Leal


We have already introduced you to the architect and the decorator of our big project, so the last person involved in the project that we want to introduce you to (being the last doesn’t mean at all that he is less important, far from it!) is our mate Paco Leal, the maintenance service manager of our chain of hotels, and the person in charge of the refurbishment.

As Paco works for the Angela many of you might already know him and know how friendly he is. Anyway, here we leave you the interview we did to him so you can get to know a little bit more about him:

How long have you been working with us?

I’ve been working for over 24 years! Such a long time now!

What has been your biggest challenge?

This project has been quite complex, so no doubt, the biggest challenge is finishing it on time.

This autumn we have had many rainy days. Did the weather affect the works?

No, to be honest, it has not affected at all, as we have kept on working even when it was raining. Since we started on the 1st of November we have not really stopped.

What part of the hotel are you willing to see finished?

The swimming pool! Mainly because it was the most difficult part of this project.

Tell us any anecdotes or something funny that has happened while working?

The whole refurbishing process is full of anecdotes. Lots of funny things have happened. I would like to share with you an anecdote that happened just a few days ago, though it is not about the refurbishment. Every year on 3 Wise Men Day I get dressed up as King Baltasar. Last year talking to a little girl I said that the 3 Wise Men hand presents but that nobody gives us any, so this year it seems that she remembered it and that same girl came and gave me a picture she had done as present. That beautiful gesture moved me.

How many people are working in the refurbishing?

We are about 40, some of them are external personnel and some, like me, are members of staff.

Would you like to send a message to our guests?

Of course I do! I would like to tell them that I hope they love the result because we are working with all the love and dedication in the world.

Thanks a lot for the interview, Paco! You are a great professional so we are sure the result is going to be amazing and we all are going to love it.

Would you like to leave Paco a message or ask him something we didn’t? Do it on Facebook!

We will keep on informing you in here about many things that you might find interesting. Keep on visiting our blog!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations

Merry Christmas!


Yes! Tomorrow is Christmas day! As you all know, Christmas has always been something very special to us in Hotel Angela as it’s a day to spend with the family and after so many years sharing great moments with you, we all have become a big family.

This year because of the refurbishment celebrating Christmas together will not be possible, but no sadness is allowed as this means that next year we will celebrate it more and in a great way!

Also every day that passes means our meeting is getting closer. Despite Hotel Angela’s staff is currently enjoying a well deserved holiday, we all wanted to wish you a very happy Christmas and wonderful day, hoping you have a great time dining with your loved ones!…by the way, what are you going to dine and who will be the chef? Will you miss our traditional Christmas dinner?

We will certainly miss it, same as we will miss our lovely Boxing Day.

In order to feel you closer, please tell us about your Christmas plans on Facebook, we want to know what you are going to do!

Merry Christmas to you all! Soon the Hotel Angela family will be reunited!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations

Get to know: Gertru Luna (Decorator)


Some days ago we introduced you to Laura, the architect in charge of Hotel Ángela’s big project, now we have the pleasure to introduce you to Gertru Luna, the decorator.

We wanted to share with you here the interview we did to her so you can get to know her a bit better:

Is this the first hotel you are going to decórate?

No, I’ve been decorating hotels for 7 years and I would love to keep on combining it with other decoration projects. When you are involved in different projects is when you get lots of ideas.

Is it as difficult to decórate a house as to decorate a hotel?

It depends on the developer. If you can do your job with no obstacles the volume of work is my last worry. Anyway I think that good professionals love a challenge.

Do you base your choices on the trends of the moment or you do take into consideration the characteristics of the property?

A bit of both. In general I try to make the most of the space, analysing its virtues and faults to empower the firsts and hide the others. I always try to splash some trendy details too, especially the facing.

What has been your biggest challenge?

Finishing on time and getting it all perfect, no doubt.

How would you define the Angela?

I would define it as a hotel with a lot of character. It can be more or less modern but quality is its hallmark.

Would you like to send a message to our guests?

Sure! I would like to tell them to try to get new feelings out of the design and also that I hope they love the result as that has always been my aim.

Thanks a lot for the interview, Gertru! We can’t wait to see the result and we are sure you can’t wait either!

If you would like to leave a message to our decorator or ask her something we didn’t, we encourage you to do it on our Facebook page.

Stay tuned!

Beatriz Muñoz
Atención al cliente