Get to know: Alison Keith


This October Hotel Ángela would like to dedicate this post to Alison Keith, our PR and entertainment manager.

Alison has been working with us for over 12 years and she originally comes from Newcastle though she has been living in Spain for so many years that her Spanish is truly amazing.

She is a very sociable and friendly lady so what she likes the most about her job is the fact that she can get to meet so many people… by the way, this Wednesday the 17th of October is her birthdayCongratulations Alison, we wish you a very happy day!!

She really enjoys the Halloween celebrations organised by the hotel every year and it really moves her when she receives thank you cards or flowers from guests.

She also told us that she likes R&B and classic music and that she enjoys reading or going to the cinema. When asked about obsessions she confesses that to her tidiness and cleanliness is essential.

For a nice dinner out she would recommend “Restaurante Valparaíso”, a lovely restaurant located in Mijas.

When we asked her about her ideal holiday she doesn’t hesitate…she would go to the Caribbean with her daughter.

And to finish off Alison told us that she loves to see our guests enjoying and that her biggest satisfaction is knowing that they have enjoyed their holiday and seeing them coming back,  as according to her Hotel Angela is awesome and the best hotel in Costa del Sol…Thanks a lot for the beautiful compliment, Alison!

We are certain that all of you already have the pleasure of knowing her and that you got to share lovely moments with her…We are eager to read your comments and anecdotes about Alison on our Facebook page!!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations

12th of October: Hispanity Day


The 12th of October is National Spain Day as we commemorate the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus.

Therefore this Friday is a national holiday for all Spaniards and it is the day when the traditional military parade takes place in Madrid. This parade is very important and it is attended by the King, the Royal Family and other members of the government.

The 12th of October is known as “Hispanity Day” though it is also known as “Pilar Day” as it is also the day of the Virgin del Pilar, patron saint of Aragón (North of Spain).

This year as the 12th is a Friday it means that we will have a longer weekend, so there is no better option than enjoying the Bank Holiday while relaxing in Hotel Ángela and enjoying the beautiful sunny weather we still have in Costa del Sol.

Besides, the 12th of October is the last day of the fair of Fuengirola, so if you have the pleasure of being in Hotel Ángela make the most of your stay and visit the fair for the last time this year… Happy Hispanity Day and happy ending to the fair!! …Next year, much more!!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations

The fair is about to start!


The fair of Fuengirola, in honour of its patron saint Virgen del Rosario, is round the corner as, like every year, it will start on the 6th and will finish on the 12th of October.

The fair is one of the most important in Costa del Sol and it takes place in the fairground (Recinto Ferial) though you will also be able to feel it in the streets and bars of the city centre because during these days they will have a very special festive atmosphere everywhere in town.

The fairground has 32 “casetas” open to all visitors. There you will be able to taste good wine and eat tasty Spanish ham among many other things, enjoy the typical music and dancing and also look at beautiful flamenco dresses.

On Friday the 6th, first day of the Fair, is when the opening speech and the lightning take place.

The 7th is the most important day as it is the day of the patron saint Virgen del Rosario and for this reason there is a flamenco mass in her honour. The mass is held in the centre of Fuengirola, in Plaza de la Constitución by the church named after this virgin.

After this popular mass there will be a beautiful parade of carriages and horses towards the fairground because horses and equestrian activities are of great importance in this fair.

In Fuengirola the fair is enjoyed day and night. During the afternoon wine and sevillanas dancing are the highlight, while later in the evening the spotlight is shared with the fair attractions.

If you are lucky to be at Hotel Ángela during the fair do not hesitate a second, visit Fuengirola city centre and the fairground and get to live and enjoy the fair. We are sure that you have never seen something like this.

Besides, during that week Hotel Ángela will organize some classes related to the fair that you will surely love, so pay attention to our Facebook page and do not miss any detail. The experience, no doubt, will be unforgettable and unique, so we would really love you to share with us your pictures, your opinions and comments about the fair through our Facebook page.  ¡¡Olé!!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations