We take care of the environment


During the refurbishment we wanted to make sure that Hotel Angela looked amazing and perfect for you but at the same time we wanted it to become more environmentally friendly.Save the environment - Hotel Ángela Fuengirola

Everybody knows that we take good care of our guests, but not many people know that we also take care of planet Earth. Doing it is not as difficult as it seems, with a bit of willpower and a bit of effort it is possible to change our bad habits.

Pay attention to what we do at Hotel Angela

  • We only print documents when it is strictly necessary.
  • On the 23rd of March we contributed in our small way by saving energy during the “Planet Hour”. From 8:30 P.M to 9:30 P.M we used as little energy as possible and lighted some candles around the hotel.
  • Our guests have to leave a card on the bed whenever they want their sheets changed.
  • We change the towels when they are left on the bath/shower o whenever the chambermaid thinks it is necessary.
  • We use eco-friendly cleaning products and washing up liquids. They are biodegradable too.
  • We separate rubbish and we recycle paper and plastics.
  • The automatic air conditioning/heating system has been updated and therefore a lot of energy is saved.
  •  We have improved the isolation of our premises in order to maintain a perfect temperature any time of year.
  • The bulbs in the rooms are low energy ones.
  • When you take the card off the energy consumption in rooms is minimum, not just in order to save energy but also for security reasons.

Did you know that Hotel Angela was so eco-friendly? Take note, become aware and do your bit to help from home. Planet earth will be grateful.

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest relations

Hotel Angela: Then and now


As you know Hotel Angela opened its doors again after the refurbishment last Sunday the 17th of March.Before and after - Hotel Angela Fuengirola

The result is so amazing that is breathtaking, and because of this on this post we would like to show you its impressive transformation.

Hotel Angela is much more than a simple hotel to stay when in Costa del Sol, it is also a home to all our loyal guests. For this reason, and also taking into account our guests’ comfort and needs, we have put all our effort into transforming it into a more beautiful and inviting place.

As you can see in the picture the difference between before and after the refurbishment is more than evident.

Do you fancy seeing a little bit more? We have created a whole album for you on our Facebook page. Click here to see how much everything has changed.

Impressed? What do you think about the Angela new looks? Please, share your opinion with us, we are eager to know what you think.

 Beatriz Muñoz
Guest relations



We have been counting the days to see you again since the farewell party so now that we are getting closer to the opening day the excitement is palpable.

We have been very busy making sure that everything was on track…so now that seeing you again is round the corner we can say that the wait has been well worth it, we just hope that it hasn’t been too long for you.

Little by little the staff is getting back to work, making sure everything is perfect for your expected arrival…as you can imagine we are also thrilled about the reopening and we are more eager to work than ever before, if that is possible, though that is not everything, we are also eager to make you have the greatest holiday ever.

Considering how much we love celebrations and parties, the coming back will be much celebrated. We are aware that many of you won’t be able to visit in March, so we will make sure that all of you can get to celebrate the reopening of your beloved Hotel Angelabecause you really are the ones who make the Angela such a special place!

We are getting closer…see you very soon!

Beatriz Muñoz
Guest Relations